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What HO--- lee Cats! 

The Swordsmen footage is currently like 39GB and our Vimeo account only allows uploads of 5GB per week so here’s a place all your own where we can put the edits up so everyone can see and make notes on them.  You can’t get here unless you know how ;)

Guys, doing the research, it looks like we can only fit like 48-50 minutes of HD footage on a dvd-r so if we can cut this to like 45ish minutes, that would allow for a rudimentary menu.  We suggest we put all the rare footage, slide shows, etc. all on another disc and make it a two disc set.  HD is just so freakin’ big! (and fortunately, everything else can be done in sd since the old footage will all be sd anyway).  We’re also looking at whether we can take the HD footage and roll it back to SD in terms of size for the dvd (yes, you lose quality but  because this is an interview, no one’s moving around very much so we might be able to do that and have it look beautiful anyway.)

Anyway, anywhere you guys see where we can snip out a bit, please note it. ;)


What HO!