A Fellow Who Never Gave Up...


Larry Smith’s story almost sounds like a Hollywood Musical.  Starting as a manager trainee at a Dayton movie theatre, he eventually worked his way up the ranks until he was not only

creatively programming and promoting the films but also a part owner of the theatre.  


Through his friendship with fellow collector, John Harvey, Larry eventually overcame the objections of his short-sighted partners and worked with John to bring true Cinerama projection (a process which hadn’t been seen since the mid 1960s) back to the United States.  He was also President of the now defunct Cinerama Preservation Society, Inc.


When his partners decided to “multiplex” (read “cut up”) the theatre, Larry knew it was time to move on.  Given his expertise in film, he was quickly snapped up by the Library of Congress where he currently serves as a Nitrate Film Specialist.  


The Lubitsch touch was added when Larry met Jenny Paxson, a writer for a monthly public radio newsletter who had come to interview him for a story.  Sparks flew and Lucky Larry discovered Jenny was also a collector.  The two eventually married at Malabar Farms, a location known for hosting an earlier movie couple’s wedding; that of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall.

Larry Smith


Top 5 Recommended films:

  1. 1.LOVE ME TONIGHT      

          (1932, directed by Rouben



           (aka A MATTER OF LIFE AND

           DEATH) (1946, directed by

           Michael Powell & Emeric



           (1940, directed by Mitchell


  1. 4.IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946, directed by Frank Capra)

  2. 5.THE CROWD

           (1928, directed by King Vidor)


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Vintage shot of John & Larry In Action