Eric Grayson


Film Historian, Collector and Preservationist...


Eric Grayson, an Indianapolis, Indiana, film historian and preservationist, is truly one of the great lovers of the silver screen.  


In addition to teaching film history, Eric has been responsible for bringing special screenings of classic films to diverse audiences around the world.  He occasionally provides his rare film materials for use to archives and theatres interested in introducing new audiences to the world of classic film.


Mr. Grayson is a leading contributor of films to various film festivals and conventions.  His eclectic collection contains a broad spectrum of films ranging from some of the earliest silents  to underrated gems of modern cinema.  


Although some prestigious film archives have traded material with Mr. Grayson, he maintains that the best gems are found in dumpsters and dilapidated theatres.  It would not be beneath Mr. Grayson to take a film print that been intentionally destroyed and spend months restoring what sometimes turned out to be the last remaining print of a film.


He has written articles for the “Encyclopedia of the Midwest” and “FilmFax Magazine” and has provided rare film clips to the A&E Network and other broadcast outlets.

Eric’s Top 5

Recommended Films:

1.THERE IT IS!                     (1928, directed by Harold Muller & Charles R. Bowers)


   (1985, directed by Martha Coolidge)


     SHERLOCK HOLMES                    (1970, directed by Billy Wilder)

4.THE UNKNOWN             (1927, directed by Todd Browning)

  1. 5.THE MATCH KING               (1932, directed by Howard Bretherton & William Keighley)

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