Dennis Atkinson


Not Giving Up on the Next Generation...


Film Producer of educational shorts, Projectionist and Coney Island enthusiast, Dennis Atkinson has amassed a diverse collection of films over the years.  What’s better is, he’s willing to share them!


As one of the founding members of the Great Lakes Cinephile Society.  Dennis Atkinson helps program and run its annual film convention, (known as “Cinesation” to its attendees).  Unlike the other three annual conventions (Cinefest in Syracuse, New York, Cinevent in Columbus, Ohio and Cinecon in Los Angeles, California) which were always held in hotel ballrooms, Dennis and the Cinephiles work especially hard to ensure that the Cinesation festival takes place in a REAL LIVE THEATER (a tradition Cinecon in Los Angeles has now returned to in recent years as well!)  


On those rare occasions when someone uncovers a cache of nitrate films, Dennis is usually the person they call to come and inspect the find.  When he uncovered the largest collection of until-then unknown early nitrate African-American films, (many of which were one-of-a-kind) he promptly donated them to the American Film Institute and Library of Congress for preservation and restoration.


A Coney Island aficionado, Dennis has one of the largest collections of early Coney Island films.  He also ran the largest Arcade of vintage automata and early mechanical arcade machines in Frankenmuth, Michigan (now closed).


Dennis also makes rare films available to the public on vhs and dvd through his Encore Home Video Company.

Dennis’ Film Recommendations:

1.DON JUAN                      (1926, directed by Alan Crosland)

2.THE THIEF OF BAGHDAD (1940, directed by Michael Powell, Ludwig Berger & Tim Whelan)

3. LONESOME                     (1928, directed by Paul Fejos)

4.ON THE BEACH              (1959, directed by Stanley Kramer)

5.V FOR VENDETTA                (2005, directed by James McTeigue)

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