Ronald Grant & Martin Humphries

Saving Cinema’s History one piece at a time... 

That’s the mission of founder Ronald Grant, and co-director Martin Humphries in putting together a vast collection of all things cinema.  From antique motion picture projectors, movie palace rug designs and usher uniforms from some of the late, great movie houses in Britain, this dynamic duo have made it their life’s work to preserve a glimpse of Britain’s slowly disappearing film culture for future generations.

The Museum must be seen to be believed.  It is a veritable Ali Baba’s Cave containing everything film related from ashtrays and popcorn boxes to film projectors and movie posters.  If anything was ever made for a movie, it’s probably represented in the Cinema Museum.  The Museum also serves as one of the few reliable sources of historical memorabilia and reference material for TV shows, and various productions that may have a call for items once thought to be lost forever.

When Grant first fell in love with movies nearly 60 years ago, he began gathering and saving as many artifacts as possible, ultimately resulting in the extensive collection known as the Ronald Grant Picture Archive.  The Archive served as the framework upon which the Cinema Museum’s ever-expanding collection was built.  And since actor and fellow film-aficionado Humphries joined forces with him as co-director in 1986, the two have become tireless crusaders hoping to keep these precious memories in a permanent place.

The collection is currently housed in the Lambeth workhouse where at one time, Charlie Chaplin stayed as a child. The fact that this collection has been so professionally curated for years on an embarrassingly modest budget makes it almost shameful to realize their unselfish work has gone relatively unnoticed in the funding community.  For the past few years, the Museum has been struggling to find a permanent space to house their amazing collection for all to see.

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