Bruce Lawton


Yes, that really is an original prop from the Charles Chaplin Film “Modern  Times”

21st Century Torchbearer...


Bruce Lawton may be one of the best kept secrets in film preservation.  As an Historian, Preservationist and Showman, he has provided rare film sequences and archival material for the American Film Institute, HBO, Turner Entertainment, and has worked with Kevin Brownlow and David Gill on their  D.W. GRIFFITH SERIES as well as assisting them with their restoration of THE GOLD RUSH for the Chaplin Estate.  Mr. Lawton was also commissioned by Paramount to inspect its film and video vaults on both coasts in order to evaluate their archival preservation program.


As the fourth generation in a family of noted cinematographers (Don, Karl & Rick Malkames) who have long been involved in film restoration, Mr. Lawton

brings a refreshing enthusiasm for classic films to modern audiences.  His tireless study of film throughout childhood prepared him for a five year tenure with Killiam Shows in New York City where from 1988 to 1992, he served as archival director of the company’s vast collection of restored silent classics and archival materials.


Since 1996, he has been producing “live cinema” programs with silent film accompanist, Ben Model in the hopes of infusing future generations with a love and appreciation for the silent film experience.  They co-founded “The Silent Clowns Film Series” (the longest running silent film series in New York City).


Bruce is also Vice President of Silent Cinema Presentations, Inc. - a nonprofit organization devoted to promoting and preserving all aspects of the silent film experience as well as rescuing and restoring the films themselves.


Mr. Lawton has also provided rare and in many cases the only known prints from early cinema for wider distribution as part of DVD releases for companies such as Kino and Laughsmith Entertainment, Republic Pictures and the Voyager Company.


Top 5 Recommended films:

  1. 1.MODERN TIMES             (1936 - directed by Charles Chaplin)

  2. 2.IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946 - directed by Frank Capra)

  3. 3.THE GREAT RACE         (1965 - directed by Blake Edwards)

  4. 4.HEAVEN’S GATE             (1980 - directed by Michael Cimino)

  5. 5.THE HUDSUCKER PROXY (1994 - directed by Joel Coen)


Accompanist (& Co-Producer) Ben Model & 
Bruce Lawton in action at a “Silent Clowns” event.
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